- d.m.s.a.


giorgos magalios


composition graduation concert


co-production with the museum of byzantine culture, thessaloniki

special thanks to dr. agathoniki tsilipakou-director and the personel of the museum of byzantine culture

thekla got the virus

85 isolated miniatures

(composition students' home productions)

may 2020, thesaloniki

vasilis georgiou

the private life of a cat

music for the film by a.hammid & m.deren

graduation project

8.6.2019, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

orestis argyris


a music performance

graduation project

29.6.2018, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

colloquium (iv)

d.m.s.a. phd composition students' concert

works by sakis abatzidis, theofilos lamprianidis, christos chalnaridis

23.6.2018, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

εντός του μνημείου (inside the monument)

u.o.m. composition graduate & phd students' concert

6.9.2018, byzantine bath, thessaloniki

εκτός του μνημείου (outside the monument)

a happening by u.o.m.(gruppe & friends)

6.9.2018, byzantine bath, thessaloniki

εκτός του μνημείου (outside the monument) ii

a happening by the u.o.m. students of modern techniques

artistic direction: lenio liatsou

9.6.2018, byzantine bath, thessaloniki

strange bridges

a bridging effort postgraduate students' concert

4.6.2018, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

colloquium iii

u.o.m. composition doctoral students' project

works by christos chalnaridis, theofilos lamprianidis & sakis abatzidis

4.3.2018, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

synergeies & u.o.m. composition doctoral studens' concert

in the frame of the international musicology conference "musicology (in)action"

works by mihali papageorgiou, theofilos lamprianidis, christos ntovas, eleni ralli

10.2.2018, university of macedonia, thessaloniki


nocturne music for recorder

3.7.2017, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

colloquium ii

13 duets for two violins

by theophilos lambrianidis (premiere)

11.6.2017, university of macedonia, thessaloniki

êtes vous encore là?

(are you still there?)

xvii gestures in the memory of maurice ravel

8.5.2017, foyer m2, thessaloniki concert hall

artistic direction: theophilos lambrianidis & christos chalnaridis

à propos ii

a d.m.s.a. composers' performance

in the memory of erik satie

18.2.2017, istitut français, thessaloniki


music for recorder & guitar

within caroline luigis' photo exhibition "quoi qu'il en soit: les choses"

23.12.2016, venetian church of hagia sofia, rethymno

in collaboration with the old town rethymno community

come again?

trio eclipsis: tina andrikopoulou (soprano), nikos katritzidakis (fl.), marianna tsika (piano)

11.12.2016, "solon michailidis" concert hall, thessaloniki

10.12.2016, concert hall of the municipal conservatory, kozani


(in circle)

music for clarinets violins & percussion

10.6.2016, university of macedonia, thessaloniki